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Special Forces - US Military - Top 10 Elite Units

This list is not an official effectiveness scorecard for Special Forces in the US Military. This is a quick overview of the most elite units in the United States and the world.


1. US Army Delta Force

The main focus of this elite unit is conducting counter-terrorist missions around the world, defending interests of the United States. Fighters of the US Army Delta Force call themselves...

November 21, 2015 by EndlessBox Team

Special Forces - Introduction

Special Forces - elite government force units trained on professional guerrilla warfare, espionage, and counterinsurgency. Often, most departments of a given country's military complex will have it's own special forces unit (Clandestine, Counterinsurgency, Army, Air Force, Navy, Law Enforcement, etc.). These teams have highest readiness, firepower, physical and...

November 01, 2015 by EndlessBox Team